Our town Bogatynia and our school

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Bogatynia is located in the south west of Poland close to borders with Germany and Czech Republic. Currently, the municipality has a population of 25000, almost 19000 of them live in the town. The buildings of the town spread along the Miedzianka River are mainly two-storied Lusatian houses and large factory buildings as well as beautyfully ornamented villas of former factowy-owners.
Approximately 95% of administrative borders of the Bogatynia Municipality makes also Polish state borders.
Bogatynia was established within the area of an old Lusatian chain-type village of Rychłów situated along the river Miedzianka, right-hand tributary of the Lusatian Neisse. Bogatynia was first mentioned in a record from 1262. After Second World War and incorporating the Lower Silesia to Poland, Bogatynia was granted city rights.
Turów Open-Pit Coal Mine and Turów Power Station are the most important and largest industrial plants in this area of the Lower Silesia.
Bogatynia websites: http://bogatynia.pl, http://e-bogatynia.pl, http://www.kwbturow.com.pl, http://www.elturow.bot.pl, http://festiwal.e-bogatynia.pl
Some pictures from Bogatynia:
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Our website http://sp1-bogatynia.edu.pl
Our website http://sp1-bogatynia.edu.pl

1st Primary School in Bogatynia

Our school is the oldest school in our town. We have about 440 pupils in classes from 1 to 6, about 40 teachers.
We learn subjects such as: Polish literature, maths, nature (biology, geography etc), German and English as a foreign languages, history, art, music, technology, ITC, PE.

In front of school in winter.

Our ICT classroom.

Here we do exercises.

First class.

Here we learn history.

Here we learn nature (geography, biology).

Art lesson.

Lesson of German language.

Other photos:
Our art gallery
Our art gallery
Class 6D
Class 6D
Class 3C
Class 3C

Class 3A
Class 3A

We play circus after lessons.