Let’s look for the water around us!

Water resources in Bogatynia

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Miedzianka River

Miedzianka, is the longest river that flows in Bogatyni. Its source lies in the Czech Republic, at the foot of mountains Cerny Virch at a height of 580 m In the area of the municipality, the river basin area is 57.8 km2, a length of 10.5 kilometers (53.7% of the total length of the river).

In our river lives many species fish. The largest we can meet here, are trout. Also, we can find a variety of birds or rodents.

Water quality:
Unfortunately, our Miedzianka is very contaminated water eg by waste from homes, old household appliances and electronic equipment, and old tyres. Sometimes the river to get water to poisonous substances.

The idea of purifying water:
Unfortunately, that was very difficult to clean up contaminated river so, but in my department, which clean our city should do what every weekly or monthly cleaning rivers in Bogatynia. Residents should be more aware of how they might affect the purity of the river.

Łukasz Fronczak - class 6D
Miedzianka River
Pollution and Animals

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